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e-Luminate Festival

The e-Luminate Festival was founded in 2012, and aims to fuse both art and science together in a week-long celebration of light. Alongside the spurts of colour bathing Cambridge icons such as the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Senate House and King’s Parade, the festival included family activities, talks and concerts. Photos: Callum Hale-Thomson/e-luminaire/Silvia Maggi... Continue Reading

Why does Joe Budden + Mood Music = Misogyny Music?

Most people know Joe Budden for ‘Pump It Up’. Those in the hip hop world know him for a number of other things, all of which loosely come under the term suffering. The big three are: Drug addiction Manic depression Messy break ups It’s fair to say his mixtape releases have reflected the turbulence of his personal life, taking the names Mood Muzik: The Worst of Joe Budden, Mood Muzik 2: Can it get any Worse?, Mood Muzik 3: For ... Continue Reading

A Love of Books Re-Kindle-ed?

What is happening to the book? As students, we spend our lives browsing them, engrossed with them, stuck in them, avoiding them or letting them pile up. No matter what degree you are reading, you will always be reading some kind of book. And yet now you can pile your books in your pocket, in the Kindle or the iPhone. The book is being turned into a piece of technology, like most other things have been over the past half a century, like sho... Continue Reading

Why read David Foster Wallace?

To read The Pale King is to read what David Foster Wallace called, “a long thing.”  Strictly speaking this is accurate – the novel, if it may be termed as such, is 547 pages long, including notes and asides.  Readers new to David Foster Wallace may be put off by the length – or by the deliberate homage to that unexpected muse, boredom – or for that matter by any number of things.  The Pale King centers on a Regional Examination Cente... Continue Reading

‘The Tree of Life’, or the kiss of death?

I'm sure any discerning film fan could relate to my elation as I opened the pages of the newspaper yesterday to read that Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life' is set for a May 4th release in the UK, before anywhere else in the world. There were hopes that the film, which, as you may perceive from the trailer below, looks set to be a moving, truly seminal piece about time and human life, would be released last year. Alas, production delays mea... Continue Reading

On Werner Herzog and Nature

My first taste of Werner Herzog inspired admiration and curiosity. Watching Grizzly Man (2005), his documentary about conservationist fanatic Timothy Treadwell, I became aware of Herzog’s talent for locating truth. Treadwell spent his summers with Alaskan grizzly bears, obsessed by their habits and mating rituals, until one of the bears devoured him. Among others, Herzog interviewed Treadwell’s longest-serving ex-girlfriend. His very first qu... Continue Reading

Angles on Angles: who are The Strokes and does 2011 need them?

It totally just struck me that 90% or so of you guys would have been born in the 1990s. That's weird, right? How does that work? Do you have microchips in your brain? OK, it's not that weird, I admit. It's just that I can't relate to anyone who doesn't have space-hoppers, Clarks Wallabees, and Live and Kicking as cultural currency. Remember when 'Doop' by Doop was at #1? White dog poo, what was that about? Many of my friends tell me I am the Pete... Continue Reading

Hometown Heroes: Smallville and the Real Next Movement in American Hip Hop (Clue: not Odd Future)

A little bit about myself. I’m an urban blogger who follows artists like Kano, Kanye West and J.Cole. I have big speakers and wear Nike boots. 75% of the music on my Ipod would be classed as ‘urban’. I also come from Bexhill, East Sussex. Bexhill is a number of things, and urban is not one of them. Bexhill is about as Bohemian as Moravia. Pensioners roam the mean streets and Conservatives run th... Continue Reading

The Varsity Poetry Competition – Winners

Varsity received an extraordinary amount of entries for the poetry competition. We thank everybody who submitted a poem, and Robert Macfarlane for giving up his time to judge the competition. We are proud to present two runners-up and a winner, as judged by Robert Macfarlane, award-winning nature writer, critic and fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.


Glossectomy... Continue Reading


Tuxedo time! It's the 83rd Annual American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, otherwise known as the AAAMPASAs. This year's AAAMPASA ceremony either marks the end of a season of tedious, amorphous, meaningless, and sycophantic bauble-giving, or whatever the opposite of that is, depending on whether you're a miserable cynic or a hope junkie.

OK, Cantabrian, I can't fool you for long. They are ... Continue Reading
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